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"I have this amazing thing, but no one's buying it!"

Join Femily for this 30-minute Power-Workshop : "How to woo clients (hint: it’s not about logistical details) - a mini-workshop on defining your audience and reducing sales turn-offs."

For those serving individual and corporate clients.

Tuesday, September 17, 2024, 11-11:30am PST/2-2:30pm EST

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how to woo clients  

Tuesday, September 17, 2024, 11-11:30am PST/2-2:30pm EST

in this workshop you will:

Learn the powerful key phrase you need to magnetize your audience - - - and get clear on the things most people do to turn off potential clients/customers/readers. 


Get Femily’s ad-libs-like template to help you simply define who your service is designed for and identify the specific stage of their journey ("A to B statement").


Gain tips on the most over-looked aspect of reaching clients in ways that resonate: leveraging the transformative insights gained from user testing. If you believe it’s unnecessary, that's likely when it will offer the most value.


Obtain Real-Time “First Look” User-Testing Feedback: Let Femily and the room see your  Instagram, Canva, or sales pages to gain actionable insights. Receive gut-check feedback to strengthen (or soften!) your branding. 

More workshops in the free summer series;

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Workshop 1: Gain respect at work by becoming a thought leader in your field

This workshop will significantly boost your reputation within your industry and among your colleagues.


(Hint: it also helps you build your professional safety net!)

Tuesday July 23, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

Workshop 2: How to gain the Media attention you deserve

by getting journalists (#oldschool but effective!) to cover your work and ideas.


(Hint: it’s not by humbly waiting to get discovered!)

Tuesday September 3, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

Workshop 4: How to stand out - and stand for something - on LinkedIn

(in ways that build your professional credibility,

not erode it)

Tuesday, October 1, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST


Hi. I'm Femily

Once I became known as a thought leader, it became

MUCH easier to attract 

  • corporate + individual clients

  • paid speaking gigs

  • the kind of media attention I craved

  • respect + INVITES from those in my field

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Get Taken
More Seriously.

You're an unconventional thinker, a rebel, a challenger of norms...

              so, the best method for you 

             will be as unique as you are. 

Learn your "thought leader" archetype

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