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 “Despite my (relative) seniority, I constantly have to fight for my ideas to be taken seriously.”

Join Femily for this 30-minute Power-Workshop to gain respect at work by becoming a thought leader in your field (Hint: it also helps you build your professional safety net!)

This workshop will significantly boost your reputation within your industry and among your colleagues.

Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

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Gain respect at work by becoming a thought leader in your field

Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

in this workshop you will:

Relish in the company of other trailblazers who, like you, often find themselves as the first, few, or only in the room. Connect with these leaders to share experiences and strategies for navigating unique challenges.


Determine your unique "thought leadership archetype" and understand the right strategy for you to elevate your professional profile, whether it’s through writing insightful articles, speaking at industry conferences, or being featured on podcasts.


Learn to embrace what works for you and give yourself a permission slip to stop banging your head against the wall in arenas that don’t suit your “archetype” - some of us are just not meant for public speaking or writing long research papers or creating juicy TikTok videos. And that’s GREAT!


Finally, given your personality and your industry, identify your next actionable step towards becoming more known and influential. Start small, but start now, and watch your reach grow organically over time.

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More workshops in the free summer series;

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Workshop 2: How to gain the attention you deserve

(Hint: it’s not by humbly waiting to get discovered!) by getting journalists (#oldschool by effective!) to cover your work and ideas.

Tuesday, September 3, 2024, 11-11:30am PST/2-2:30pm EST

Workshop 3: How to woo clients

(Hint: it’s not about logistical details) - a mini-workshop on defining your audience and reducing sales turn-offs."

For those serving individual and corporate clients.

Tuesday September 17, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

Workshop 4: How to stand out - and stand for something - on LinkedIn

(in ways that build your professional credibility,

not erode it).

Tuesday, October 1, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.


Hi. I'm Femily

Once I became known as a thought leader, it became

MUCH easier to attract 

  • corporate + individual clients

  • paid speaking gigs

  • the kind of media attention I craved

  • respect + INVITES from those in my field

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Get Taken
More Seriously.

You're an unconventional thinker, a rebel, a challenger of norms...

              so, the best method for you 

             will be as unique as you are. 

Learn your "thought leader" archetype

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