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future thought leader alums:

Let's increase your reach + impact.

Professional Photo Studio

This is your
to continue the magic


  • knows your ideas are (even) better when pressure-tested with peers (and Femily)

  • is afraid of losing your momentum this next year

  • craves belonging to a tender, kind, authentic peer group of mover/shaker LBGTQAIs + feminists 

  • is motivated by soft (not strict), monthly, non-judgemental accountability



  • has a new idea you want to launch, bolstered by a crew of badass smarties cheering you on

Trade Show Conference
Mother and Child
Close Up Portrait
Image by Sigmund
Professional Woman in an Office
Young Gay Couple

Join Super Thought Leader

 the Collective Impact Group for Alums of future thought leader

Clean Officespace

You get

12 months of support + accountability.

Each month, you get:

  •  A group session to help you boost your progress and get your questions answered - on zoom.

  • PLUS: 1:1 access to Femily (outside of the meeting, you get to ask her for her advice). 

Modern Office


  • April 2024 - Feb 2025

  • 3rd Tuesdays: 9 am PST (12pm Eastern). 75m.

    • Exception is December 10th​ instead of the 3rd Tuesday

(Click for Payment Plans)​​

Spacy Office

This month's call was so inspiring, full of transparency and community love,

I'm so grateful to be a part of the magic! 

Kristin, Executive coach + feminist founder

Woah... without this group I would have NO idea how to "position" or price myself relevantly.

I'm talking to [redacted news source] Friday, so it must be working. :)

Robynita, Expert on social media/queer teens


i 1000%
your back

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