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silicon valley's gender/inclusion advisor

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Let's shape the (inclusive) future, together.

Sign up for a monthly spread of strategies to be an (even) better ally, boost your career/business, and relish the juicy life you deserve.

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my mostrequestedlessons:(below)

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How to get clients

Advice from 8+ women and queer individuals who "made it" in corporate consulting, 1:1 coaching, and other client service ventures. 

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how to lead you

There's a LOT of pressure to "fit in" and "keep professional". However, the real growth comes from doing the opposite: learning to harness your personality, values, and identities.

quick tips for
white people

A common way people alienate BIPOC is by resorting to stereotypes: in gifs, language, dress, actions, and/or conversation. To connect in a more genuine (less cringy/offensive) manner, view these tips.

Empowered female designer standing in her office and looking at the camera. She is a matur
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A basic anti-racism refresher for left-leaning feminists +/or Democrats who want to (better) support BIPOC in our workplaces, organizations, and lives.

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