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For all of us working to advance marginalized genders, races, orientations, and others in the

American workplace.


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Get advanced notice for the next cohort:

By / for busy professionals

(Ten sessions.

No homework.)

Deep community.

with passionate peers + DEI experts

Learn what others are doing
to make companies more inclusive.

Shared Desk
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This is the only program where you engage deeply with researchers,
proven inclusion consultants,
and peer professionals

help you boost your efforts.

Whether you work for a company -
or are an independent consultant.

Ten structured, transformative sessions.

(No homework.)

We're busy trying to change the world.

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You get:

10 transformative 


Improve your abilities with evidence-based, super-candid conversations.

Expand your thinking on what's possible in intimate, leading-edge live (zoom) group discussions.

Perspective on your trickiest questions

Gain non-judgemental, honest input from seasoned  practitioners.

Hear what worked (and didn't!) in similar companies.

The latest facts and case studies

Stay current as the world and industry changes.

Receive the latest research and case studies on bias and inclusion. Get the facts to prove your case. 

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Freelance Consultant

“This was always such lonely work before. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to have a crew of diversity consultants backing me up and telling it to me straight."

Product Lead

"Game-changer. We (our ERG) were spinning our wheels before this. The INVALUABLE and energizing community I didn't know was out there!"

Sales director

"Now I have no problems telling my boss we need changes. I just channel the voices of this network. And the research/facts."
Business Meeting


Understand better what your peers are doing.

(+ what keeps us all up at night.)


Learn about more effective approaches. (+ what's not working.)


Stay current in our rapidly-changing field. (Without judgement).

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When + How Much?


2024 Dates TBD


$3200 or 8 Monthly payments of $400

(We can also invoice your company)

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Live, energizing DEI community 

to advance your work

Structured sessions. "A-ha" moments. 

  • Time to ground + reflect (3m journaling sessions at the start).

  • Confidentiality (choose to only share your first name, not your last or company).

  • Full-on race/orientation diversity (you won't be "the only one").

  • Equitable, liberatory discussion facilitation (so that no one dominates).

  • Growth-minded accountability (we are all learning).

  • Life-long industry connections who are rooting for you.

  • Rare feedback so you can be sure you're doing the right things.

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Why I started this organization - and program:


Like so many of us doing this work, I go back and forth between "am I making an impact?" and seeing my work truly improve things for women and other marginalized people.

What's truly keeps me going is having close friends in the industry. Where we share tactics and truths. Push each other's thinking. Hop on zoom to rant when things are frustrating. Toast each others' wins. Forward each other the latest research with our most flippant and silly thoughts. 

I started this program so that my clients and industry colleagues would have a similarly nourishing community. I bring wisdom from HR, academia, consulting, and tech founding in industries from tech to healthcare and government. 

I believe that together, arm in arm as a movement - not a competition, we can end bias in the workplace. And maybe even the world. 

Let's do this.

Femily (she/they)

+ "Silicon Valley's Gender/Inclusion Advisor"

This is for all of us who

"care too much"...

About "isms" of all kinds. ​ About pronouns and pride.

About ensuring that everybody gets a fair shake. ​

Tattooed Arms

We vow to stop...

...waiting for leaders' "hearts and minds" to change (it's time for policy change and clear, heavy-hitting accountability),

...initiatives that only focus on gender at the expense of race, orientation, and other critical (intersectional) identities,

...just celebrating diversity instead of dismantling power structures (like white supremacy, patriarchy, cishet privilege...).

Is this for me?

  • All genders. All pronouns cherished (or none).

  • All job categories - from leaders who are often "the only one in the room" to rising stars who are passionate advocates. Our dynamic mix helps us consider complex issues from many angles.

  • Plus inclusion consultants. Doing this work in isolation leads to burnout and self-doubt. You deserve peer thought partners who "get it" and who help you stretch your thinking. 

  • Busy people. No homework. Just infuse the learnings into what you're already doing.

  • Introverts. No calling on you; just be you.

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ambreen-hasan-346960 (1).jpg

who know their company could be better on inclusion.

Heads of affinity groups. HR/People/Talent. People passionate about gender and all kinds of DEI. Managers."Onlys" on teams.

who know that bias trainings  will never be enough

We come together to restore our faith in this work and to deepen our understanding of what works - in a kind, brave, non-judgemental (no-posturing) community.

Plus Size Model
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Stay in the loop re: future cohorts

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