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Authentic portrait of gay lesbian woman smiling on camera outdoor - Lgbt nonbinary people

Talking about money can "feel dirty"...


...for those of us with

social justice values.

Talking about

social justice...

can "feel scary" for those of us

in business or entrepreneurship.

Creating Banners

Let's navigate this together.

by listening to how 4 individuals from across industries navigate money + social change:

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These alumni of Femily's "Future Thought Leader" program come from the worlds of nonprofit, tech, therapy, the arts, consulting, + entrepreneurship. 


They will give us their time-tested perspectives on:

  1. Ever had your values or identity impact your work or income?? 

  2. Been paid for speaking on social change topics? (How did you score that gig?) 

  3. How do you price your work (as a marginalized person)?

  4. Balancing act: How do you cater to all income levels (think scholarships) WHILE also paying yourself a living wage?

  5. Fearful that social justice posts might impact your career? How do you know if it it fear or intuition talking?

  6. Worried that zeroing in on a specific community (say, queers in wellness, Black artists) might turn off other potential clients? What's your lived experience?

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Image by Wonderlane
Tattooed Arms
Image by Patrick Perkins
Image by Edward Cisneros
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