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You are the

creative Futurist

You are a creative futurist who is less worried about what happened in the past (although you aren't afraid to look it in the eye), but you're more excited about speaking truth to power in order to show us a hopeful new future.

You create art, music, or other creative work that inspires and heals people + communities. Artists. Theater people. Poets. Healers. Writers. Composers. Queer people, outsiders, free-spirits, "black sheep of the family"... You?

Ex. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s project is a great example: “Stop Telling Women to Smile: Stories of Street Harassment and How We're taking Back Our Power”

If this sounds like you, you might be happiest launching a project (or digital course or music album or creative project or an app or a collective or an event) that helps people like you connect to their best self / envision a more just (or juicy!) future.

If you are someone who experienced something horrible, traumatic, unsavory, etc... and you want to help shepherd people forward through their own version, you're the Futurist type of "thought leader."

If you like cutting-edge + racy topics: this could be you.

The world needs more truth-tellers sharing their visions on the future of work, relationships, sex, friendship, parenting, food, spirituality, gender, community, justice, life...

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