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Classic Expert

This particular path is the most well-known version of a "thought leader" and is most often associated with a considerable time investment (like earning a PhD or working in a field for decades).


Unfortunately, while many qualified PhDs and experienced employees have the smarts/experience to become "thought leaders," the title (and money!) is typically reserved for those who are well-connected and privileged. As a result, the rest of us are often overlooked - unless we strategically position ourselves.

If the above doesn't resonate, it's probably because your "expertise" isn't academic; it's personal. If you've made it through young widowdom as an immigrant, coming out as queer and autistic later in life, beat cancer or grief as a queer Southern person, you have a personal history that makes you an expert to others who are about to go through what you went through. They need you. They need your insights. The ones you wish you had back then.

Good news: if you belong to this group, you don't need more "followers" - - you simply need to get your name and face into places that already have "followers": other people's podcasts, the Op-Ed column, in media coverage or up on a paid speaking stage – while collaborating on intriguing projects with other accomplished peers.

Moreover, it is critical that you ensure your social media presence aligns with and effectively portrays your personal "brand".

In the Future Thought Leader program, participants like you learn to let your voice be heard (even when you're not handed the mic), your expertise be known, and your brilliance shine - while balancing being authentically you.

ps. People like you usually possess the qualities of a leader who not only forges their own path but also uplifts those around them, inspiring others to rise alongside.

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