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You are the

Social Change Entrepreneur

You ABSOLUTELY are a social change entrepreneur. In the quiet corners of your mind, you crafted a business/nonprofit idea that has the power to transform lives and/or nurture our planet.


You do not (necessarily) crave the spotlight, yet you know that your concept should be in the spotlight a little more: it's not only good but revolutionary. Your motivations lie not in personal recognition but in the potential impact your business could have. You understand that your idea deserves a broader audience, a larger client base, not for your own benefit, but for the transformation it can bring about.

Your personality is a unique blend of timidity and boldness. You are shy in the sense that self-promotion does not come naturally to you. Yet, there's a boldness in you that gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone when necessary. There's a fire in your belly that fuels your determination to make a difference -even as others hold back. This boldness to dream big helps you to not only dream big but also take the steps needed to turn those dreams into reality.

An excellent example of a person who embodies this spirit is Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his groundbreaking work in microfinance, a concept that has empowered countless marginalized individuals across the globe. Despite his monumental achievements, Yunus remains a humble figure, always placing the spotlight on the people he serves rather than himself. Like Yunus, you too carry the potential to create significant social change, driven by your innovative ideas and the boldness within your shy exterior.

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