For the first time ever, this heavy-hitting content is available outside of the 10-week 1:1 coaching series. To help busy women in leadership, this methodology has been distilled down and re-designed for busy career women - as a self-paced course.


This hands-on bootcamp workbook leads ambitious women in male-majority fields to gain leadership skills and 

  • Outsmart "man-splaining" and prevent interruptions,
  • Get your ideas across in a male-majority world, and
  • Firmly (and gracefully) say no to "office housework" and emotional labor at work.


Bonus section: How to avoid landing in another position in a "bro culture."


By Emily Meghan Morrow Howe, Silicon Valley's on gender, work, and inclusion expert - and advisor to executive women in tech, finance, law, and other male majority fields.

Outsmart Bias: The Art of Boss

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