We have all seen the meme, "you were not meant to just work, pay bills & then die." But how do we make our busy lives - with so much on our plates - actually better than that?


To save us all from burnout and bring back the everyday magic that makes it all worth it, leadership coach for ambitious womxn, Femily, researched all the things about life happiness in the modern era & made a planning method to encompass it all.


This course has since helped dozens of ambitious millennial womxn restructure their days, weeks, and months to reduce burnout, increase weekday feel-good-ness, improve connection, and get out of the mindset where grinding is what matters.


By Emily Meghan Morrow Howe, Silicon Valley's on gender, work, and inclusion expert - and advisor to executive women in tech, finance, law, and other male majority fields. www.femilyonthego.com


This self-paced course will leave you re-thinking your days and hours - to weave in more of the juicy, meaningful stuff that makes you YOU, and that makes life LIFE. 

Make Everyday Magic: The Rebel Boss Method

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