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women in tech: media source

Femily is quoted and speaks on background on women in tech, LGBT workplace inclusion,  diversity in tech, and the (bro) culture of Silicon Valley.


Women in the Workplace: The Research

Femily discusses the largest report on women in corporate America, which covers the latest research on hiring, leadership, intersectionality, industry experiences, and COVID-19's impact, by and McKinsey & Company.

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LBGTQAI+ Inclusion in Tech

Femily urges leaders to take seriously  LGBTQAI+ inclusion in the workplace. She shares tips for companies to create a less exclusionary and more inclusive work environment for queer, trans, and non-binary employees.

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Being an Only (or a First) in Tech

Femily highlights how being an "only" in tech, or the only representative of their race, gender, or other marginalized identity in their workplace, can foster isolation and hinder the career advancement of "onlies".

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Intersectionality + Diversity 2.0

A panel, curated by Femily, on the next era of diversity: instead of looking only at one identity (i.e gender), diversity thought leaders talk about prioritizing equity and belonging on an intersectional front. 

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LBGTQAI+ Allyship at Work

Quick tips and lively discussion on how to be an ally to queer/trans individuals in the workplace. Hinet: educating themselves, advocating for policies, using inclusive language, respecting pronouns and identities, and standing up against discrimination.


Thought Leadership as a woman or minority

Femily is interviewed about why cultivating thought leadership as a woman or otherwise underrecognized person working a 9-5 is important. Especially in tech.

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MY ReflectION on Activism at Simmons

Femily's unwavering commitment to fighting for others was evident even during her college years, where she learned about grassroots organizing by working on reproductive rights activism.



The good news about our digital-first world? Almost everything can be done online.

The not-so-good news? Doing some things virtually (meetings, for example) can take up more of our bandwidth than doing the very same activity in person. 

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Race + Equity, and Workplace Allyship

Femily is interviewed about addressing the systemic advantages that white individuals have in society and in the workplace, as well as explores ways to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for marginalized employees of all kinds.


Femily's Podcast Playlist

Listen to lively episodes on inclusion and allyship featuring "Silicon Valley's Gender/Inclusion Advisor", Femily. Especially for professionals seeking thought leadership on women in the workplace.

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