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Simply wishing for a diverse audience won't make it happen.

Large Audience

Diversify your large EVENT

HOW To go beyond "cosmetic diversity" and

Simple, evidence-based, [non-awkward] advice

for leaders and event planners who want to

make their events, spaces, and conferences more welcoming and fair.

 make your important event 
 as diverse as the values you hold dear. 

Create a space where everyone feels welcome (and valued)


THROW an event that's not just diverse, but truly inclusive.


Where every attendee (and speaker) feels they belong; and no one is excluded for their race, gender, age, orientation, ability, or identity of any kind.


This is NOT your typical diversity guide.


For decades, Breeze and Femily have advised leading organizations on moving beyond performative "cosmetic diversity" to create events that are:

  • Truly welcoming: where everyone feels respected.

  • Fair: where all voices are valued.

  • Impactful: that spark meaningful connections and positive change.

The playbook includes:

The secret to going beyond "numbers" and fostering real inclusion.


Practical steps for planning, executing, and evaluating inclusive events.


Actionable advice for creating a fair and equitable experience for all attendees.


Stop settling for

one-note events.

(You know your audience deserves better.)

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