Future Thought Leader - I see you.

On this page, you will find all you need.

Here's our schedule:

Sunday mornings: your week's module (a video lesson + workbook pages) will appear, below. Do them any time before Friday.


Fridays 1PM Pacific: We meet on zoom - here. Come with your thorniest questions, your roadblocks, your pressing questions. This is the Q+A portion of the course.




To get you ready, I strongly suggest you journal or reflect upon the following before the course starts officially.

  • Why are you called to be a "thought leader"?

  • How much "reach" do you have today and what will it look like when you have more?

  • What will you be able to do in the future with this broader reach?

  • What has held you back from taking the helm/lead/mic?

  • Why does the world need you, specifically, and your ideas in particular, at this very moment?

And,  if you don't [yet] have bulletproof confidence you definitely will want to check out my BONUS GUIDE to beating imposter syndrome (click for PDF): 

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And,  if you are an entrepreneur or consultant, view my BONUS WORKSHOP to think through the services you provide - and how to get clients: (click for video): 

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week 1: sun mar 29

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week 2: sun apr 5

( 1 workbook; 2 videos )

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week 3: sun apr 12

( 1 workbook; 2 videos )

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password: c0@^6RA5

week 4: sun apr 19

( 1 workbook; 1 video)

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password: 9r*?9!j+

week 5: sun apr 26

( 1 workbook; 2 videos, 1 web site)

Speak Up & Stay Safe(r):

A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment

By Anita Sarkeesian director of Feminist Frequency; Jaclyn Friedman, anti-rape activist and founder of Women, Action & the Media (WAM!); and Renee Bracey Sherman, reproductive justice activist and author of Saying Abortion Aloud.

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