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Hey, pal!


I made you the thing I wish I had when I was leaping into solo consulting.

An (intimate) success mastermind

dedicated to getting you dreamy, paying clients and launching your unstoppable biz/practice/firm.


And stopping you the frustrations of re-creating the wheel (it's normal, but it doesn't have to be YOUR normal).

As "Silicon Valley's Gender/Equity Advisor" I'll share my inside scoop of how I went from having no clients (+ zero consulting confidence) to serving some of the coolest companies (from Zendesk to 23andme and Sonos to SoFi).

In our 6 months together, I'll give you the advice you need - on where to find clients, how to price + have stronger sales convos, how to craft offers that sell (and that you're excited about) to attract and land your best blend of gigs + clients.

For 6 months, you get: 

  • No guilt when you need to "pick my brain"

  • An open door to ask for my advice weekly via voice on IG or LinkedIn.

  • A supportive community of peers also going through it (= less lonely confusion).

  • 1:1 attention to your business in a monthly 90m group call.(So you can hear what your peers are dealing with and what helps them break through.)


all my love + support,


p.s. We meet at 10am PAC, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. For the next 6 months.

let's get you clients.

Working From Home
Woman at Work
Mother and Child
Professional Woman in an Office

rad, $$$

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