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A Free 4-Part Summer Series

Gain Recognition by Resonating More Deeply

Led by Femily, known as "Silicon Valley’s Gender/Inclusion Advisor," and founder of “Future Thought Leader: The Self-Promotion Bootcamp for Feminists and LGBTQIA+” and the landmark “How to Get Clients” program for feminist/LBGTQAI+ consultants and entrepreneurs who want to shake things up and push back against the status quo.

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Workshop 1: Gain respect at work by becoming a thought leader in your field

(Hint: it also helps you build your professional safety net!) This workshop will significantly boost your reputation within your industry and among your colleagues.

Tuesday July 23, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

Workshop 2: How to gain the attention you deserve

(Hint: it’s not by humbly waiting to get discovered!) by getting journalists (#oldschool by effective!) to cover your work and ideas.

Tuesday September 3, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

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Business Meeting

Workshop 1: How to woo clients

(hint: it’s not about logistical details) - a mini-workshop on defining your audience and reducing sales turn-offs."

For those serving individual and corporate clients.

Tuesday September 17, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

Workshop 4: How to stand out - and stand for something - on LinkedIn

(in ways that build your professional credibility,

not erode it).

Tuesday, October 1, 2024, 11-11:30am PST / 2-2:30pm EST.

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